Charging by design.

Over the past 13 years the Taste of Tremont has quickly become one of Cleveland’s “must attend” events of the summer. We have come to expect over 30,000 visitors, rain or shine, from all over the region. The Taste of Tremont’s visitor profile consistently reflects the demographics of our pre-event media outlets. This means it is a great opportunity for your company to reach this group in a very targeted and relevant way. So, consider supporting this event and enjoy the day in true “Tremont Style.”

This event is FREE to the public.

The Beer & Wine Garden is located at the North end of Professor between Literary & W 10th. We will be serving craft beers from Portside Distillery, Butcher & Brewer and Forest City Brewery and a variety of wines for $6,00. The Taste of Tremont signature rum drinks with Portside Distillery rums will be $7.00 each.  Bottled water will be $1.00. You pay each food vendor as you go, but admission is FREE!!!